Consigning with us

How long is your regular consignment period?  60 days. By having 60 day consignment periods, our customers will always have a new, fresh, and exciting inventory to choose from!  Items left more than 67 days will become property of Curvy Boutique & Formals, unless other arrangements have been made, in writing.  

What days / hours do you accept consignments?  We accept consignments by appointment only.

Do I have to make an appointment to consign my items?  Yes, your time is precious and we will strive to eliminate excessive wait time.  Please call 845-218-9300 to make your appointment at a mutually convenient time.  We will do our best to make our selections during your appointment, however, if we select an item that we later find is not in the condition we thought, we will notify you and you may pick up the item within 48-hours.  Any items not picked up within 48 hours will become property of Curvy Boutique & Formals.

Can I drop off items to be consigned?  Not at this time.  

Are there any fees to sign up as a consignor? Yes, there is a ONE TIME $10.00 fee payable at your first consignment appointment.  There are no additional fees to consign additional items.

How many items may I consign?  We will accept up to 20 items at each appointment. Please do not bring in more than 20 items to your appointment.

How do I know what items you will accept for consignment?  We sell mid to upscale, high quality clothing and accessories.  We select only merchandise that we feel our customers will buy... Our reputation and success depends on it. 

This means that the items must be:

  • Fashionable and purchased within the last THREE (3) years.  Items over 3 years old will not be accepted.
  • Recently cleaned or laundered, without stains or odors; Generally wrinkle free with no pet hair, lint, or pilling present. Items stored / hanging in closet must be cleaned / washed before consigning.  If items are overly wrinkled, a steaming charge may apply.
  • “New with tags” or in pristine condition (no odors, signs of wear, all seams, buttons, zippers and accessories - belts, scarves, etc. are intact). Please inspect your items carefully before you bring them into assure condition. Please keep in mind, if you would not buy it, we probably will not accept it.  Our customer preferences will guide our consignment selections.

Do you accept all types of clothing, shoes, and accessories?  We do not accept used night gown/sleep shirts, robes, bathing suits, tights, underwear, bras, socks, leotards, pantyhose, or other personal clothing items.  These items “new with tag” may be acceptable for consignment. When selecting your jewelry to consign; please keep in mind that we accept mid-upscale costume jewelry and that we do not accept used pierced earrings due to health regulations. Also, we do not accept clothing that has been altered nor do we accept real fur coats as we have no means to store them.

Please see chart below for additional information:

 Clothing - never  altered

 Women's sizes 14 and up,  L - 6X

 On hangers please, or laying flat to reduce wrinkling (hangers will be  returned to you)
 Shoes Women's sizes 7.5 and up
 No scuffs, stains, or mismatched sizes, please. 
 Heels Maximum height of 3"
 Sorry, heels 3" and over rarely sell. 
 Necklaces  18" or longer
 Bracelets 7.5" or longer
 Anklets 9.5" or longer 
 Rings Size 7.5 and up 

Are there any restrictions on selling my items? All items MUST be authentic. We do NOT buy, consign, or sell faux/fake items. If an item accepted for consignment as authentic, is found to be fake, the item will be discarded, your account will be debited for the entire amount of the sale, and you will no longer be able to consign with us.  We take this very seriously as we never want to mislead our customers. You must be 18 years of age and present a valid photo ID (Drivers license, state or US Military Card, etc.) to consign items. Please understand, if you consign a faux/fake item as authentic, the authorities will be notified.

What percentage of the selling price will I receive for my items?  When an item sells, 40% of the selling price will be put into your consignment account!

Will you reduce the selling price of my items if they do not sell?  Generally yes. Until your items have sold, the prices will be reduced 15% at 15, 30 and 45 days into your consignment period, for a total reduction of 45%.

Will you ever run sales on my items?  Yes, we reserve the right to run periodic sales or coupon campaigns outside of the normal reduction schedule.  Clothing that is consigned towards the end of the season may be put on clearance prior to the end of the consignment period.

If you place an item on sale, how does that affect the 40/60 split?  It doesn't!  You will still receive 40% of the selling price, less sales tax, which will be remitted to NY State.

What if I do not agree with the price you assigned to one of my items?  We will price your items utilizing NextGen pricing software.  NextGen prices are calibrated to fit our local market and will price your items accordingly.  We invested in this software to assure that our pricing is fair for both our consignors and our clients.  If you do not agree with the price assigned to your item, you are under no obligation to consign your item(s) with us. If you remove your items after pricing, see next question.

What happens if I decide to remove an item before the end of the consignment period?  Any items removed prior to the consignment end date are subject to a handling fee: the greater of $3 or 10% of the original consignment price.

Can I pick up my items at the end of the consignment period?  Absolutely!  All items must be picked up within 7 days of your consignment period end date or they become property of Curvy Boutique & Formals.  Please mark your calendars as we do not have the staff to call or send out reminders.  To pick up your items, please give us 48 hours notice so we can gather your items for you. A "pickup" appointment may be made by calling 845-218-9300.  Items not picked up within 30 days after your consignment period ends cannot be returned.

What if I need a little additional time to pick my items up?  Although it should be the exception, we can certainly give you a few extra days if you give us a call before the consignment period end date.  Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of storage space to do this often, so please keep these requests to a minimum.

What if I don’t want to pick my items up?  Many consignors do not want their unsold items back.  If consignors choose this, the items become property of CBF; placed on final clearance or donated to charity, at the discretion of CBF. The proceeds from all final clearance items will be retained by CBF.   Some recent charities include House of Hope, Grace Smith House and Children's Home of Poughkeepsie.

How will you pay me for the consigned items you sell for me?  You will receive 40% of each item’s final selling price.  As your items sell, you may request a check anytime your payout exceeds $25.00.  A check will be issued 7-10 days of your request and mailed directly to your address on file directly from Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union.  Because you can also choose to leave the money in your account to shop, we do not automatically issue checks, they must be requested. (See next question)

If I prefer to use my consignment payout as a “credit” towards purchasing merchandise, is that allowed?  Absolutely! In fact, we will reward you with 10% more to shop with!

Will the “credit” in my account ever expire?  The only time your credit will expire is if you do not have a transaction (consignment, purchase, or alteration) with us in over a year (365 days).  Once the credit has expired, it cannot be reinstated.

What happens if my items are lost, damaged, stolen, etc.?  We have invested in motion sensors, a security system, and security cameras to safeguard your items.  However, Curvy Boutique & Formals does not assume responsibility or liability for consigned items that may become lost, damaged, or shoplifted while on our premises.  The consignor retains ownership of all items until they are sold, picked up, or consignment period ends. 

General Questions
Do you take credit and debit cards? Yes! We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit and debit cards.

How will I know if / when you are having a sale? All sales will be announced on our Facebook page.

What is your return policy?

  • Brand new store stock items (Black tags) can be exchanged within 7 calendar days with your receipt and item tags intact.
  • Consigned items (red tags), Bridal & Formal Wear & Accessories, Altered items, Custom items & Clearance items cannot be returned or exchanged. They are final sales.
  • Personal items such as lingerie, bathrobes, bathing suits, tights, underwear, bras, socks, leotards, pantyhose, etc. cannot be returned or exchanged. They are final sales. 

I am thinking of renting the Curvy Connections case.  What do I need to do?  Please call 845-218-9300 for more information and to schedule your month! Please click on our "Curvy Connections" page for general information!

Are you open during inclement weather?  Generally we will open, unless the weather is severe.  Please keep

an eye on our Facebook page for up to the minute information!  You may also call 845-218-9300.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding how we serve our clients!

Thank you for your interest in joining our Curvy Boutique & Formals (CBF) family.  We are an honest,

ethical company and we believe that clear communication is the key to maintaining long term, positive

client and consignor relations!  We created this list of frequently asked questions to assure that our policies

are clear -- our hope is that this will allow us to avoid any misunderstandings or unpleasant issues. 

Please feel free to email us if you have any further questions or need clarification. 

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